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 Demon World

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PostSubject: Demon World   Sat Jan 09, 2010 11:28 pm

The Demonic Realms are perhaps one of the most diverse sections of Darkling Rise. A huge expanse full of different territories, and different levels of 'depth'. The populace? Entirely demon. No halfies for the most part. Demons of all shapes and sizes and ability can be found here. It's a muggy, rotten-smelling place who's stench alone can sometimes kill a human. Well, most creatures are immune to the over-all smell, it's mostly only humans that are affected by it.

Folly Forest:
Right at the base of the Plateau lies Folly Forest. It's exactly as it's name suggests, a large forest full of demons. Many of them weaker-level creatures and cannon fodder. The forest itself is rain-forest climate. Hot and Moist.

Buzzard's Plateau:
Exactly as the name suggests, a large and arid-climate plateau. Many fights end up taking place here, including notable power struggles in the land's history. Because of the open and easy area, many marks happen here and the area is littered in some places with corpses like a mass grave.

Old Abandoned Castle:
A stone castle in a blocked off section of the Demon World that is over-run by slime zombies. There are also an entire list of dungeon traps and puzzles and passages for those unwavering adventurers. It's crumbling, so the halls are perilous.

Skie's Home: A nice, quaint house in the middle of nowheresville. Despite living by herself, she usually has friends staying over in the guest rooms.

Aurora Chasm:
A grand mass of crystalline sheets which create a canyon maze of sorts. The reflective walls continuously sparkle with a bright rainbow light of pastel colors and give new meaning to the term 'mirage'. Illusions create themselves here under the same pretext, existing solely within the traveler's head. No creatures at all live here (or rather, none are known to be). Sight is hindered by the mass of colors and reflections which make it seem like walking through an endless sea of light. Hearing is hindered by the high-reverb acoustics and major echoing. No known maps exist of this place, besides within the head of two young girls who have now grown into women.

Balthier's Tomb:
Residing deep within the demon world, the location can only be found under a certain planetary alignment, in a certain season, at a certain time of night when the moon is high and full. It is the Tomb of a great Demon King from older times, and said to be guarded by the winds of the demon realm themselves. The four winds (North, South, East, and West) all converge at the point where the Tomb lies. Each time the 'window of opportunity' closes, the Tomb becomes hidden again until the next time. Inside lays a great treasure or several hundred.
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Demon World
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