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PostSubject: Perdition   Sat Jan 09, 2010 11:19 pm

---First off, I'd like to make a rather important disclaimer about this particular territory. It is NOT meant to be based on any actual Hell, and it certainly isn't necessarily just for those who have died.
---Second Disclaimer, is that the ONLY resemblance these sections have to ANY mythology, is they are namesaked of Demons from Hebrew-based scripture and legend. Aside from their names, they hold NO relation to their actual canon counterparts.
---Third Disclaimer, is that Satan here is gay. This is not a statement that gays are evil and hell-bound, nor a statement that all soldiers are gay, nor any other statement. Simply put, this Satan is a warrior, and the meme just begged to be used.

Mountains of Wrath:
Ruled by Satan
The mountains are riddled with interlocking tunnel-ways through the deep, excruciatingly hot volcanic region. As if something within the temperature, tension also runs at the max. Anger is cursed to be eternally just short of the breaking point. Satan's rule? No fighting. With everyone always at their breaking points, it's a rather difficult rule to follow. And anybody who breaks it....has to deal with Satan.

Halls of Envy:
Ruled by Leviathan
For the Jealous, they endless halls are full of mirrors. Each mirror reflects the traveler's innermost jealousies and insecurities (or rather, people who don't have those insecurities). Cursed to wander the hallways with no escape, it is a "life" of watching an endless movie of what brings on one's envies.

Banquet of Gluttony:
Ruled by Beezlebub
Perhaps one of the most physically painful sectors of Perdition. Those sent here are chained up along a vast and brutal desert. Their fate is to be devoured alive by all sorts of carnivorous creatures, scavengers, and insects. Sometimes even Beezlebub himself. The worst part of it being, that the victims "respawn" anew after each devourment.

Lake of Greed:
Ruled by Mammon
Cursed to walk the underwater lake-bed without hope of reaching the surface. Dead to the world, the longer one is here the more they resemble a skeletal corpse. Forgotten by all, proof that the "material" things they hoarded meant nothing in the end. They have nothing. The most un-regimented sector of Perdition. Anybody sent there is now completely owned by Mammon. Being owned, anything he asks they must do. However, because of Mammon's...personality...this is an easy fate to escape from once there.

Manor of Lusts:
Ruled by Asmodeus
If you enter as a resident, there is very little room for escape. In this mansion there are many rooms, one for each of its residents. Male, female, ambiguous, all manner of species. "Lust" isn't just for the physical connotation. All lusts exist here, and are multiplied exponentially for each of the Manor's "guests". However, these desires are cursed to never bring satisfaction. Thereby gradually making it worse and worse to bare.

Plains of Pride:
Ruled by Lucifer
What takes place here, is a little more personal than all the other Territories of Perdition. This is a land of transformation. Those people sent here are transformed into whatever they canNOT take pride in. For example: A Narcissist would be transformed into a hideous beast; A vampire who prides themselves in social status and power would become human.

Valley of Sloth:
Ruled by Belphagor
The land of sleepers. Under the starry skies and a magical sand-composed cloud, those under punishment here sleep their eternities away. Once somebody falls asleep here, there is no re-awakening. Maggots gnaw at the bodies as they sleep. Meanwhile, the sleepers will dream of all the things they avoided making a decision on, all the times they took the lazy way out, each pivotal point in life that they failed to get involved in. And those dreams become twisted nightmare of what could have been, and all the bad things brought about by their decisions.
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