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 Leah Leanne Hirano

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PostSubject: Leah Leanne Hirano   Sat Jan 16, 2010 10:21 pm


Leo stands 5'3", and weighs roughly 107 lbs. As seen, Leo holds her breasts back with buckles; making her appear more male. Her hair is cropped short, but when she's home she'll use a wig, or hair extentions to hide that fact. When not home, she dresses in everyday clothes.



Full Name:
Leah Leanne Hirano [Pronounced:Lay-ah]
Leo [Pronounced:Lay-oh]


Naginata: Fierce Dragon
Special Abilities:
No real named ones, as he only real attacks are just basic ones from her weapon.


Leo is a just and honourable female; she addresses her enemies with respect at all times, even before/after/during combat. Elegant and graceful, she keeps up with her manners. While she is kind and gentle towards most, however, she can be the most timid and shy person ever; she's easily scared of strange noises and items. Determined, and high-spirited, she's not about to let her fears take over and stop her from exploring and getting out.
Leah was born into a royal family; the daughter of a King and Queen to be exact. Leah was born last, and therefore was the youngest and last child the Queen ever gave birth to. While at a young age, Leah took great interest in Martial Arts and weapons. Leah would become a complete tomboy, in contrast to her sisters, whom were more girly than anything. Leah kept her hair cut short-as in, never allowing it to grow out. Her hair would never pass her neckline. However, being a Princess, and a woman, she was forbidden to be trained at all. However, this didn't stop Leah from collecting weapons, and watching her brother's and male cousin's training and sparring sessions. By the time Leah was only 14, she was promised to another.

A prince from a neighboring Kingdom. Only one reason, the young Prince's betrothed was murdered, and he was looking for a suitable bride. Because the other two princesses were already promised to others, their stratagist devised a plan to get some land from them. Under the pretense of joining two families, Leah's father offered his youngest, Leah, as a wife to the prince; who accepted. Their plan was to lure their prince into Hirano territory and keep him there, asking for the land as ransom. The Prince's stratagist, however, saw through the plot early on and prevented it from turning into a disaster for them. Fortunatly, the male had won Leah's heart, and that would save his life. The young Prince escaped through the influence of Leah, whose spirited scolding shamed the Hirano guards into letting them pass through.

Although it was forbidden, and after much bugging from Leah, the Prince taught Leah white magicks... and soon enough how to wield his Naginata. Of course, this was all done in secretcy; a female wasn't allowed to learn any of it, unless they were from an outside force(Lobos, Tigres, etc.)Leah was used again in another plot for that land sometime later; she was about 16. Her father proposed to send a letter to Leah, telling her that her mother was gravely ill and wished to see her daughter and step-grandson. He intended to ransom his own daughter and great-grandson in order to get the land, but luckily Eva-a lobo and a loyal guard to the Prince-showed up and took the child before Leah could leave. Before Leah could actually leave, her husband gave her his lucky Naginata, to 'assure her safe return'. After this Leah remained in Hirano territory, forbidden to return, and she never saw her husband again, though she continued to love him.

Months went by, and Leah kept to herself; locked in her room. One day, her sister brought terrible news. When Leah heard of her husband's demise, she grew depressed... and hated her father and Kingdom. Her own brother took her love's life, and for that, Leah deeply despised him. There on, Leah cut her hair boyshort on her own, and behind her families' back, she had special clothes made for her; with buckles on the chest area. Once that was done, she renamed herself 'Leo', and it was pronounced, Lay-oh, instead of Lee-oh; a somewhat connection to her real name.

Her father plotted again, this time arranging a marriage between Leah, and Daemon Rouiger. At first, it was a plan Leo hated with a passion, until she actually met the guy. Leo was infatuated with him afterwards. However, she knew her father's intentions...taking her Naginata, and using the new clothes, Leah was now a 'boy'. In the dead of the night, Leo ran away from home... leaving behind everything she knew.

For awhile, Leah joined her deseased husband's kingdom's ranks as a male fighter.The buckles on the chest area helped keep her idenity hidden; by keeping her brests back. But, it wasn't long before the Kingdom came to ruin when it was invaded by Leah's family. During the heat of battle, Leo nearly lost her life, but was saved by Eva-whom actually knew the ture idenity of Leo by her scent. Swearing her loyality to her master's wife, Eva became Leo's new companion. Thus, the two set out together, looking for a way to get back at the Hirano kingdom; to stop his new plot.
King Hirano & Queen Hirano [Parents]
Zack(Daemon) [Fiance]
Asuka Haruko [Rival for Zack's affections]
Dead husband


Cooking, odd enough
She's the basic, sweet, yet dumb blonde. She always gets into trouble and has to be saved.
RP Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Leah Leanne Hirano   Sun Jan 17, 2010 10:19 pm

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Leah Leanne Hirano
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