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 Asuka Marie Haruko

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PostSubject: Asuka Marie Haruko   Sat Jan 16, 2010 10:20 pm


She's roughly 5' 4"(163 cm) in height and weighs 108 lbs (49 kg). Asuka's signature colors are pink and blue, she usually has both colors on her; even if it's just a little. She wears her hair tied into a ponytail almost at all times. She is notable for her long black hair and different colored eyes-one green, other blue. Her look contrasts from that of her sister, Jun, who has short brown hair and green eyes...or did anyway. Since Jun currently has black hair. Asuka would rather be comfortable, than follow the fashion trends like her sister. She refuses to wear skirts and dresses, and would just be happy in a pair of sweats and sneakers. Her trademark weapon, Cerberus, is always in it's holster at her hip. There's a scar, vertically on her stomach, near the belly button--from being stabbed.
My Novel--OC--DMC tweaks for sites


Full Name:
Asuka Marie Haruko
'Top Dog of CC'
Cotton Candy
Modified/Genetically Enhanced Human


Two hand guns she carries, Cerberus or any gun she can get her hands on. Also, she specializes in many types of weapons from guns to swords and tonfas, ect. She'll use anything she can get her hands on. She usually keeps an item hidden under her tongue that allows her to spary a purple mist.

An odd triple-barrel gun, designed for her by Akio. She can shoot three bullets per round. If it hits, it can cause some severe damage. The bullets are exploding ones. They only go off once they peirce the flesh.
Special Abilities:
Asuka has the strength & speed only found in high ranked demons and such. However, there is a drawback[see weaknesses]
Asuka has a lethal fighting style, combining elements of aikido, koppojutsu and bone martial arts along with other martial arts styles. She tends to use many throws, elaborate kick combos, grapples, and holds. She almost never uses a closed fist in battle, and combines her raw strength with palm strikes, multi-kick combos and deadly holds. She also uses many secret assassination techniques, for example her ability to blow a toxic mist at her opponents from her mouth.

She uses this to strike certain points of the body to causes sharp pain, numbness, and through some vital points; she can cause temporary paralysis and even death. She uses this knowledge to gain an advantage over a larger or maybe even more skilled opponent; mostly if the opponent is skilled in blocking strikes.

Koppo(Koppojutsu/Bone Martial Arts):
She's exteremly skilled in. She uses her bare hands to shatter, crack or bruise a bone; depends on how much strength is exerted and if it's a direct blow or not.

Sadistic Cupid
Asuka is able to peirce the chest and flesh with her bare hands. She uses this to her advantage to rip her opponents hearts from their chest; she can also draw it out from the back by adding a koppo manuever to the attack.


Asuka shows herself as emotionless, stoical and focused. A cold-blooded assassin, she does not smile often, but she does display a sense of humor where tormenting Akio is concerned; Asuka's personality remains monotonous yet sadistic when it comes to teasing him. While her age is 24, Asuka doesn't remember anything about the cold sleep, therefore, she believes she's 20. She is somewhat antisocial, and indifferent; she also appears to be in great psychological turbulence.

This is presumedly due to the traumatic events of her life: the death of her beloved father, being raped, the death of the next fatherly figure in her life, and the feeling that Jun is somehow responsible for their real father's death, have all contributed to her current mental state. Asuka can also act slightly bitter towards men, due to an 'accident'. After meeting Zack, Asuka has softened up. He happens to be the only one besides her adoptive kid, and her cat, that she actually shows feeling for, and worries about.

And he happens to be the only one to make her smile. Another person who can get through her cold demenor is Aniime. She often acts like she hates everyone else, and because of so, killing for a living doesn't seem to bother her. However, quilty conscious can be seen kicking in quite often after being with Zack so long. There are times, where Asuka is seen showing some concern for her sister. For example, once, Jun was almost stabbed to death, and Asuka could have just sat back and watched, but instead, she took the attack to save her.

Asuka was born to cold hearted, assassin prodegy Toru Haruko and sweet, gentle, and loving Amelia Garcia. She was raised in Japan, as was her sister, Jun. From a young age, both were taught various forms of martial arts. A sibling rivalry formed between the two because both girls adored their father, and they often battled for his attention. Asuka was trained in assassination martial arts and borrows concepts from Aikido. Tragedy struck when her father was killed. Both Asuka and Jun blame each other for the murder, although it's not their fault at all. Since the murder, their rivalry has slowly become more of a bitter hatred; which ended in a fight between the two. Everytime they see each other, they do everything they can to kill the other one.

Asuka was still young when most of the 'drama' in her life started. Roughly 10 or 11, an hidden underground force broke in, and kidnapped the young Haruko sisters. Being the daughters of the famous Scientist and assassin, Toru Haruko, they were supposed to prove 'useful'. Both Asuka and Jun refused their offer, and was therefore FORCED to be their 'human test subjects', in order create the perfect assassin. Everything they tried had no noticeable effects on Jun, Asuka, however, did have the effects... the effects they wanted. The young girl would have sudden bursts of inhuman strength, or inhuman speed-perfect for their goal-but, there was a slight problem. Asuka healed slower than a normal human would.

As they continued on with their studies, and research, they trained Asuka and her sister-although Jun could not be 'enhanced', she could still prove useful. Little did they know, Jun healed on a demon rate, along with great immunity. By the time Asuka was about 18, a solider of their's had an eye on her. He made his way to the room the kept the girls one night-while he was drunk. Pushing Jun into the closest(locking her in; steel doors), he forced Asuka to the bed, and stripped her of her clothing; he raped her... she tried getting him away, but the drunk was too strong for her.... however....

Asuka had one of those random power bursts when he was nearly done with her, and was able to knock the man off of her... and killed him-the first person she ever killd with her barehands. Gathering her clothes and slipping them back on, Asuka tossed the body out of the room and left it there, before sneaking out of the place from the window. Her training actually became useful; no noise. For months, Asuka had no true home-living in a hotel for a week or so, then moving onto another. She earned a living by doing what she was trained to: assassination. She continued training, to bring up her strength so she could never be assulted like that again.

In the same year Asuka recieved one of her biggest assignments. Asuka got her target, but she was found out by Jun. If it was Jun's own accord to stop her sister, or to toy with her is unknown.Catching her sister, the two engaged in battle, causing Asuka to bang her head; losing most of her memory-mostly about herself. Allowing her target's men to capture her while she was knocked out, Jun kept a close watch. When Asuka came to, she could only remember her name, the fighting styles she knew, some weapons she knew how to use, and that she had a sister; she didn't remember her hatered for Jun.

They questioned her an hour later, except she knew nothing of why she was there and what happened. One of the men were ready to shoot her, but one of them (the new leader) believed her and decided to spare her, taking her under his wing. He gave her somewhere to stay and trained her even more. Asuka came to the point of looking up to him as her father- often calling him so. He would treat her as a daughter as well. The man who wanted to shoot her, disliked the idea of having her around.

What if her memory came back? He figured she'd kill them all. One night-after Asuka turned 20- he set out to kill Asuka while she was training alone. However, when he tried to, his leader came to check on her and he caught his leader instead. Angered, Asuka killed him with a few shots of her gun, hitting him in a few of his vital spots. Asuka overheard one of them talking, about Asuka and her lost memory. After a few hours, she took out the rest of the organization.

The young woman set out again, this time, somewhat soulessly. She was unheard from for quite sometime, and she doesn't even know what happened during that time. She could've had a child, and she wouldn't have known. The year or so during this time became a complete mystery... more so than what she has forgotten.

Asuka was unlucky, running into the old force that captured her as a child. She could have gotten away, but she was.... depressed, and didn't bother to fight back, Plus, she didn't even know who they were-having lost her memory. They forced her into a Cryogenic sleep, or cold sleep; 'her body was going to be preserved'. It was only for their research. Upon hearing this, Jun begged for them to do the same to her, and wished to be awaken at the exact time Asuka was.

Roughly three years later, Asuka and Jun was awakened. However, Asuka was released a few hours later, and allowed to go.... confused, Asuka left again. This time, however, she bought herself an appartment, and wished for company. A trip to the pet store solved that problem. She bought herself an expensive black persian with golden yellow eyes, and named her Nala. Even after that, she found Hinaichigo... and made a contract, becoming the doll's medium.

Asuka decided that it was time she rediscovered her lost memories. She came to the conclusion that the only person who could help her was her sister, Jun, seeing she was the only person she could remember. Some how reaching her sister's number, she called. Jun and Asuka met up. However, at first sight, Asuka's hatred instinctively returned, and they engaged in a gun battle. The gun battle went on for days and the city ended up like a warzone; Many people died. After they both ran out of ammo, they decided that they'd settle their rivalry the next time they met up-once and for all.

Asuka played a part of bodyguards who are rich teenager named Hatsumi Ninomia, however, she didn't stay long. The job in catch her interest at all. Within the next month, Asuka found a bar: Cat's Cradle. It was where ALL mercinaries and assassins went to for drinks. No one except those in that line of work, or the few men(middle men) that brought work knew about it. It wasn't long before Asuka became well known down there, and she was slowly raising in ranks, becomming one of the few top assassins in her city.

One night, while being down there, Asuka was offered a job, and she refused it. She didn't take jobs from down there much, she only went down there for a drink once in a while... no more than that.But, she did leave her number with the middle man, to give to the male who wanted the job done; if he really required her work.

Next morning-while she was asleep-the phone rang, waking her up. With a groan, she answered, and received her mission to assassinate a man by the name of Daemon Crimm Rougier, also known as Zack. The man hiring the job offered a large sum of money for Zack's head and promised it would be a challenge. Thinking it over, Asuka decided to take up the man's job offer.
Afterwards, she went back to sleep, only to wake up later, with a file emailed sent to her computer. Opening up the file, it had all the information she needed, if not more. It contained his full name, alias, blood type, height and weight, hair color, eye color, a picture, a full backround, ect.

She deffinatly had more than what she needed to pursue her target. Upon telling Hina, Asuka planned to complete this mission within a few days, therefore she set out. It took a few days for her to find a lead, a few more days for Asuka to actually find him. When she did she found him in a ramen shop; the instant he bowed to her, she knew she found her target.

Shortly after Zack left the restaurant Asuka followed and attempted to make her kill. However Zack turned the tables on her, by some what tricking her, he knocked her out. He tied her up and removed all of weapons. When she came to, he questioned her, but Asuka knew nothing of her employer. Instead, the two made a deal and sealed in blood; Zack would help Asuka get back at Jun and in exchange, Asuka would help protect Zack, and help him get back at the person who wished for his head.

Traveling together, they ran into Jun... whom was aiming to kill Zack. However, Asuka intercepted, and beat her sister. Refusing the kill her(and watch Jun and Zack 'flirt' with each other playfully), Asuka left, with Zack in tow. Shortly after, the young Prince led her to a village, Konoha, to see a nin, by the name of Amay-Anni(I think XD). Since Asuka was in a blood oath-thing, she had to follow Zack everywhere(no, not to the bathroom you porker readers XD), she had to help him help Amay.

And again, Jun decided to show up after Zack went for walk. Once more, the two Haruko sisters engaged in battle... with Asuka losing due to Jun's ability-messing with minds. Of course, who xomes to the rescue? Zack! Afterwards, Zack invited-much to Asuka's dismay-Jun to travel with them. Jun happily agreed, and Asuka hated it. Odd reason enough, her constant flirting with Zack pissed her off enough, he playfully flirted back, making it worse. She couldn't help it though... and much as she dispised admitting it to herself, she was actually falling for the pervert of a prince.

Though Asuka didn't say anything, it showed sometimes, and Amay and/or Jun would tease her. She started keeping more of a close eye on Zack-sometimes even staying up most of the night to. Once they met up with another, whom was supposed to be an ally, Asuka didn't like him from the start. Jun didn't either, and they could tell the other didn't like him merely through eye contact. Jun started skipping, and becomming hyper to cause a distraction-of sorts... so Asuka could jot down something and slip it into her pocket as Asuka walked around her.

Later, the tried drugging them, and he did manage to drug Zack and Amay. Asuka didn't eat, and Jun slipped her food onto Amay's plate when no one was looking. When he tried to kill Zack, the Haruko girls caught him in the act- and it was a stalemate situation. He was next to Zack with a kunai, and the girls were some distance away with only handguns. The man and Asuka came to a small deal: a fight, winner takes all. Asuka won, but she didn't make it would scratchless.

Zack was allergic to whatever he was drugged with-according to Amay-it showed. A worried Asuka(And Jun, except she was panicking-like) went to his side; trying to treat his symptoms. Jun suggested Dark Chocolate for his coughing fits, and Amay melted some. Asuka leaned Zack up against her, so she could semi-force the chocolate down. Afterwards, she stayed up the rest of the night, just to watch him. Once Zack was better, it wasn't long until he kissed Asuka, who panicked, but returned the kiss anyway.

When Amay and Jun returned-from where ever they went-two enemies to the Haruko sisters showed: Enrique and Lana. Even though she didn't wish for it, Zack went to fight them along side Asuka. Afterwards, Amay, Jun, Zack and Asuka completed the mission, where Jun the entire time, was testing Zack--in her own weird way. All the clinging, flirting, and such was just an act. Resisting the urge to kill her sister, Asuka started home... taking Zack with her.

They eventually killed the main guy after Zack's head, or so they thought. Around the same time, Zack had gotten Auska pregnant, though she never told him. She didn't even know about it until after she disappeared for an entire year and 4 days. She was litteraly paying Jun to watch over Zack in her absense.

During that time period, Asuka attempted to finish the job, since the king was not dead. He had made a pact with a devil to keep his life--being turned into a devil himself. She took a horrible blow to the stomach, which resulted in her loosing the baby. When she finally came home[which involed Jun giving her location away to Zack; leaving her no other choice but to return]. Asuka was pregant again, but this time Daemon'd done it on purpose.

She got mixed up in some situations... one involving Aniime and her now devil brother Aaron. At first, she and Jun were given hints by said devil-guy that they were going to be hunted. As a saftey precaution, both girls went into hiding. Asuka stayed home all day, everyday, while Jun changed her style and dyed her hair.

When a heavily wounded Aniime showed up, and told the story and her faking her 'death', Asuka gave her a place to stay... her home. She had an extra room, plus now she had a free baby-sitter. She tended to the devil hunter's wounds, and gave her a few rules. Aniime was not to leave the place, and not to answer the door or phone. The assassin kept the rumors going about Aniime being killed in battle, so the hunter would be safe for the time being.

Because of Aaron, one of Aniime's triplet brothers, the hunter's boyfriend, Edward, came after her and Jun. After clearing up that misunderstanding, other issues happened. Like Jun and Asuka switching bodies because of Vesta's games. More issues, which involved Asuka trading Zack's sword to change him back from being a crab. Then more ensued when he got mad with her, and therefore to get the 'wanna-be vampire', the assassin traded her favorite weapon--Cerberus the gun.

Around this time, Asuka started having idenity problems. She wanted her memories back... she wanted to know everything. She wished to know the REAL her. What was she? Who was she? She needed to have these questions answered... she couldn't move on in life without finding out. Therefore, once again, in the dead of the night, Asuka disappeared once more.

Toru Haruko [Father; Deceased]
Amelia Garcia Haruko [Mother; Deceased]
Haruko Jun [Sister]
Daemon Crimm Rougier/Zack [Lover]
Hina Haruko['Daughter']
Akio-no-last-name [Ex; Gun smith]
John ---[Owner of Cat's Cradle; Asuka frequent Client]


As stated, Asuka is able to take on the speed and strengths of demons.
Hand-to-hand combat
Close Range
Distance fighting[In certain instances]
As a drawback to her strength, Asuka heals SLOWER than a normal human. A paper cut takes at least 3-4 more days than it should to heal.
Large bodies of water, for Asuka can't swim.
Certain people in her life[See Family & Friends]
Most of her humanity

RP Sample:
Asuka crouched behind the wall, right at the corner. She was relatively small, and able to hide. She gave a small sigh, reloading Cerberus. She hated jobs like this… jobs that required her to be on a boat… surrounded by water… and the assassin could NOT swim. She never did have a good experience with it. She shivered at the thought of Jun pushing her into the water as a kid. Asuka nearly drowned that day…

Shaking her head free of those memories, she was back on task. She stole a glance over the wall, eyes narrowing as she scanned the area; counting the numbers in her head. One… two… three… four… five….fifteen… twenty-five…. The numbers seemed to go on with the security. Why did she agree to this? She was going to kill Akio for this later. Readying herself for the worst, the woman pushed herself up and came from her spot.

“What th-!!”

Was all one guard was able to get out before his neck was snapped, and he was thrown overboard The next few where shot in the face--3 bullets embedding themselves into the skull… and exploding. More gunshots ensued. Not only from Asuka… but them, too.
Any other notes you'd like to add:
Not at the moment besides I said I was gonna just post the BR & AC version up because I'm too lazy to revamp her since I revamped Akio & Kannie & Leon for this.
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Asuka Marie Haruko
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