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 Kanaria Rose Fox

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PostSubject: Kanaria Rose Fox   Sat Jan 16, 2010 10:19 pm


Like all vampires, to humans and some unhumans, Kanaria is described as impossibly beautiful, to the point of being almost goddess like. Her skin is pale peach, and ice cold, but perfect and flawless. She stands 5' 8" (173 cm) and weighs 93 lbs (42 kg)--making her tall & slim. Despite her age she appears to be about 18.

Without wings//Second body:

There are some noteable differences between her real body & this one. For one, some newer looks with her features. Another: No wings. She is slightly taller, standing at 5' 11", but her weight class is the same. She generally dresses in blues and purples, while in her real body she dresses soley in black; sometimes with a hint of white. Kannie is known to fux with people heads with this.
Original; Meh novel


Full Name:
Akemi "Kanaria" Fox
She generally goes by the name of Kanaria
Roughly in her early 1000s
Vampire/Cursed Angel



-Chain whip; Moonlight
Special Abilities:
Kanaria can send telepathic messages with anyone she wishes.

She can also read the minds & memories of anyone within a few miles of herself as a side affect of her nature.

She deliberately can entice most to follow her, or act a certain way(Often how she catches her prey and gets them out of sight). This can also include entracing a male so that it is easier for her to kill them, and even put thoughts into their head so they would actually believe her. Females are immune to this.

Her wings can be used as a shield. She can harden them, to the point where it's hard as diamond.

She can change to her real & second body at will. However, because she does not have her wings to defend herself, her defense is incredibly low. Her strength is doubled.

While in her second body, Kannie has wind, water & ice manipulations under her control. She can freeze things over, create twisters, etc. The rest is self explainitory.
Poison Kiss:
When she kisses someone, a toxin coats her lips and is delivered through the lips when she wishes. The toxins range from Paralizing ones to deadly ones.

Twin Dragons:
She can change the size of her wings. She forms large twin black dragons and attacks with them. She hardens her wings for this.


She kind of lives for little more than the excitement of battle. Kanaria is somewhat antisocial, cold, and indifferent, with mostly an emo-like exterior, and she appears to be in a great mental state. She tends to get lonely often. Quite intelligent, and witty... she loves books. While she does have a thing for destroying holy-related things and her nature, she's not entirely evil.

Kanaria can be a just and honorable female; she addresses her enemies, friends, strangers, and victims with respect at all times, even before/after/during combat. Elegant and graceful, she always has her manners intact, and will almost always bow her head in respect to those she sees worth her time. Often, she shows herself as an emotionless, stoical and focused vampire. She sometimes perfers words and intellectual discourse over violence sometimes; she will defend herself if need be however... Calm and collected, she doesn't seem to have much of a temper. She does not smile often, and when she does, it's usually not a good thing. She is not above using of her sex appeal to get what she wants.

In addition, Kanaria can be manipulative, seductive, and persuasive, sadistic, spiteful, cruel, arrogant (due to being casted off as 'vile, evil and disgusting'), Kanaria has no real inhibitions when it comes to getting what she wants and will use any method possible, regardless of how brutal to do so. There are times, where Kanaria is seen showing some-very little-concern for her sister.

When Angels were born from another Angel, so was a Vampire; two angels born, so where two Vampires and so fourth. No matter how many Angels were born from one Angel, the same amount of Vampires were always born from the same mother. All due to the curse Satan placed on Heaven when he was casted out for wanting to be God. The curse was unbreakable by anyone but the Devil himself. Since Angels were delicate and fragile to Vampire fangs, he hoped to elimate them all using this method. Therefore, for every angel there was a vampire counterpart/sister/brother. However, there were those rare occassions, where all the children were born Angel. To save themselves from Peril, the Angels casted off the Vampires as 'Evil, Vile and Disgusting' and sent them down to hell.

Akemi was Kanaria's birthname, and she was born along with her sister to an Angel. At birth, Akemi and Akiko showed no signs of Vampirsm. Their mother was happy... she was able to keep both of her babies. However, after the first few months, Akemi was acting strange... holy items and sunlight burned her body.... and she was slowly going limp from lack of nutrition that only blood could give her... no matter what her mother fed her, it didn't work. Only blood. The Angel hid this however, not wanting to give up her second baby. She snuck the baby animal's blood(without acutally killing the animal... take some blood then heal it back up), she kept her out of sunlight and away from holy items.

Soon enough, when both babies' teeth started setting in... Akemi recieved fangs-vampire fangs. Also, Akemi's wings were slowly changing from white to black. The Angel's second baby was a Vampire, no doubt about it. The mother not only feared for her safety, but Akiko's too... in additon, the mother loved both children equally, and didn't wish to give one up. It became more and more obvious to the others that Akemi was a vampire baby, and rumors started spreading. Once it reached one of the head Angels, the mother was forced to give up Akemi, and send her baby down to hell-for everyone else's safety. Soon enough Vampires were leaking out into the human relam, where the mother left Akemi(not wanting her child to be in hell, and hoping she could grow up partly normal... away from evil, and gain control over her vampire blood etc.)

After the first week of being in the adoption agency, Akemi was adopted, by another vampire, and given the name Kanaria. The vampire woman, was semi-evil, not entirely, but she did enjoy a few bloodshed fights here and there. She took Kanaria home, and started training her to defend herself against Vampire/Devil hunters. Kanaria became well adapt to her adoptive mother's chain whip, and developed attacks of her own, like Poison kiss and Twin Dragons. After she turned 100, Kanaria nearly mastered her different vision modes, giving her an edge in finding the better victim for blood.

Though she was taught to take blood from people near death, Kanaria took blood from anyone... she didn't care. Something was burning in the back of her mind... something that wanted revenge... she couldn't exactly pinpoint it though. For years Kanaria tried pinpointing what this urge was. After awhile, her adoptive mother told her that she wasn't Kanaria's real mother, and that she watched an Angel sneak her in an adoption agency as a baby. Her 'mother' told her exactly everything about the whole 'every angel born, a vampire was born' thing, figuring that's why an Angel had Kanaria.

This lit a new spark in the young vampire. She was casted out because she was different from Angels, because she had no control over how she was born. This angered her... she was taken from her mother... and removed from her home.... what kind of deal was that?! It wasn't that she wasn't thankful that this older Vampire took her in, however, the feeling that she was unwanted by her real mother and family angered her.

That's when Kanaria's whole motive changed. She used her extra visions and mind reading thoughts to sneak up on unsuspecting Angels and Goddess-or anyone Holy for that matter-to drain them of their blood; this was her own form of revenge. Kill every holy-related person and destory every holy-related thing. They feared her for nothing? Then she'd give them a reason to fear her. Kanaria left home, and upon approval, she was able to take the Chain Whip with her.

She drained countless unsuspecting Angels and Goddess, killed countless Priests, Preistess, and blew up Churchs. Kanaria was now her own form of Evil... she listened in on everyone's thoughts... until she ran into another... whom she couldn't read the thoughts of... her sister/her counterpart.

Angel Mother
Angel Father
Christie Fox[Adoptive mother]
Leon Fox [Uncle]
Jack & Lily Fox [Cousin; 'sister']
Aikio [Counterpart]
Haruko Asuka [Work partner a few times]


Her sex appeal
Ability to read minds & go through memories
Raw Strength
Her intellegence
While in her second body, her strength doubles.
Speed; She's not very fast
Can only drink MALE blood; no matter the species.
The fact she can't have kids gets to her often
When she is in her second body, she has a low defense.
RP Sample:
Drinking female blood is like drinking acid to her, she can only have male blood.

There's a high percentage of Kanaria not being able to have children. It's only a 1% chance of her even getting pregnant. Then the odds from there are lower, to maybe .01% of her even keeping it without it dying in her.
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PostSubject: Re: Kanaria Rose Fox   Sun Jan 17, 2010 10:27 pm

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Kanaria Rose Fox
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