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PostSubject: Ipomea-Alba   Sat Jan 09, 2010 9:48 pm

Ipomea-Alba is a valley-based kingdom where the environment is very fertile for farming and such. It has very earth-like animal creature with minor differences. For example, the panda-bear equivalent in this county has its colors reversed and is very violent. Cats of any shape or form do not exist here. There are also no "inhuman" races such as animal-people or moogles etc, despite the Final Fantasy kind of overlook. It is a Medieval Era kind of kingdom ruled by a monarchy. There is no official faith of the realm. It is also the most "civilized" of the tribes, and despite having a military is very peaceful.

There are only two seasons. The "Golden Season", which is, essentially, Autumn. And the "Flowering Season", which is essentially Spring. Different foods grow ripen in different seasons, so there is always something bountiful to grow.

All "Black Magic" of this world requires a blood sacrifice to preform.

High Capital:
The Capital of Ipomea-Alba, and a bustling "city". This is where the castle is located, and is a major trading center. People of all sorts come there, and Meetings of the Court are periodical. These Meetings are participated in by representatives from each part of the realm, and help the King and Queen to be informed of what's going on as well as give suggestions, requests, or advice. It's a flourishing settlement

Evaflora Woods:
These enchanted and Faerie-Realm-Like woods are home to the Frayn. The Frayn is a tribe of homosapien creature who live solely in the woodlands, and are one with nature. It is said that many of them practice arcane forms of magic who's secrets are known only by them. The Frayn are ancient enemies with the Sandshapers of the deserts, and are always at the border of another official war. The Frayn hierarchy consists of a Chieftain, his wife(ves), and The Three Willows (wisest members in the tribe, each with mastery knowledge of a different aspect of life) at the top, and then everyone else on equal terms below them. The forests are protected by the knights of Ipomea-Alba in times of great peril as part of a treaty.

Golden Sea:
Large expanse of harsh desert. This desert goes on for miles and miles, like an ocean. It is harsh, hot, and unforgiving. The people who dwell there in the Desert Tribes are the "Sandshapers". Their "natural enemy" is the Forest Dwelling tribes of the Frayn, located within the borders of Ipomea-Alba. They see the Frayn a demonic, evil beings who mess with the earth (which is an ultimate 'crime' against nature in their beliefs). Although not part of Ipomea-Alba, they are under treaty with the kingdom. In exchange for a seat in the Meeting of Courts and special trading rights, their people sometimes work under employment as Rule Enforcers and bounty hunters (mutual military allies as well). Under the moderation of King Eschlean, the Sandshapers have a shakey treaty with the Frayn. The sandshapers would stop hunting them in the forests, and the Frayn would keep the forests out of their deserts.

Unlike those in the "valleylands", who are normally born with a defined sex, the Sandshapers are more amphibious in that they may change sexes depending on the environment. The more dominant of course will stay male, and the lessers usually end up becoming female. That's not to say that it never will reverse itself depending on the social powers. The Sandshapers don't have a formal Chief, however the hunters are the most respected of the group. Their job is to hunt the "Dark Ones" (like the Frayn) and keep the deserts safe.

All Sandshapers have certain biological abilities:
+Can swim/fly through the sands of the desert using the bulb-like growths on the arms. These growths may also extend webbing between them, which may also function like a shield.
+Eyes are made to be able to take the hot glare of daylight in the desert, so she is easily rendered blind when there isn't a sufficient amount of light-source.
+Very in tune with vibrations as a means to hear/feel/sense things, can feel them through any part of his body.

Chaos of Ages:
Although a peaceful country, when the kingdom enters a period of significant chance, very bad things happen. This is called the "Chaos of Ages". It comes around every time something big happens in the country that's large enough to change the Age in historical sense (Like 'Middle Ages' or 'Dark Ages', etc). During this changing period, the Kingdom falls under inner turmoil, wars become prominent, and natural disasters occur far more often than they should. This includes droughts, tornados from the desert, forest fires, etc etc. Also, creatures called "shades" invade and posses the people and animals into vicious creatures, spreading like a plague.
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