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PostSubject: Satoshi   Sat Jan 16, 2010 10:13 pm


Satoshi is 5'11" & 148 lbs
DMC & DS influences
Home World:
Mirror Realm


Full Name:
Satoshi Umineko
Unknown; presumed to be in his early thousands. Even then most are unsure.


None; unless you count dark energy
Special Abilities:
He is quite skilled in using magic, and curses, things of that nature(as he spent a lot of his time trapped, he read). He has no real trouble with them, and usually uses black magic and shadows as his main source. He can use the elements(such as fire, water, etc) and everything in that catergory. He has the ability to create or manipulate darkness, often by mentally accessing a dimension of dark energy and manipulating it. This is used for such attacks like "Dead Scream" and "Silent Dome". As an incubus, he usually feeds himself through sexual intercourse with woman once in awhile. He can drain them of their soul during so if he wishes. Also because of his nature he has an uncanny advantage over women. All of his seductive ways, spells, etc only work on women.

While Satoshi is able to pull in & kick out of his realm, he himself cannot leave. He can, however, create a mental link with someone through their dreams. Once the link is strong enough he can take over the body, and use it at will. However, he himself is still stuck in the realm he was banished to.

Dead Scream:
Satoshi's strongest, and least used attack. It's a blast, that covers at least 20 mile raidus. The only issue with this attack is that can be noted to be a "double-edged sword" attack. If he uses it, it will kill his current host; thus sending him back to the mirror realm. If Satoshi in person uses this, he will die himself.

Silent Dome:
A dome of energy that can be used to deflect attacks. It can also be used to trap someone inside, thus he is able to force energy in one them from the inside. As the name suggests, no one on the outside can hear what's going on in the inside.


Satoshi is a quiet, sneaky, and sly individual. He doesn't say much, nor does he like to talk unless it's needed. He loves women above all else, and he hates just about any male that comes into the picture. He tends to be a gentlemen at all times, and is quite respectful--even to those he hates, including men. He loves to play the role of "Prince Charming" and the perfect guy until he finished with her. Either because he's stolen her soul, or is flat out bored with her. He only cares and likes things that he can manipulate for his own gain. Once it loses its use to him, he gets rid of it--kill it, steal the soul, or allow his little sister to have her way with it. Satoshi prefers to work in the dark, usually pulling the strings off screen.
Satoshi was born into a pretty well off family in the devil realm. He was part of one of the few incubus & succubus clans that still resided together(unlike the succubus from DMC3 for example). He was first born, his sister born roughly a year or so later. He grew up with his sister, developing a strong bond with her before she could even walk. The two were also seen together.

They trained together, they hung out all the time, etc. The usual for him. Mai, his sister, was his bestfriend, and that was all he cared about. For a time anyway. He showed great promise from a young age, often managing to set personal records with how many women he could catch in a single night. Because of this, he began smug about his abilities. He, like his sister, inherited the ability to manipulate dark energy and shadows from his mother.
Once he felt that he was strong enough, Satoshi sought to take over the human realm, then would go after the devil one for his own pleasures.

He thought everything'd be easy-peasy because they were just a bunch of humans. Right? Too bad he was wrong. He didn't account for the Redgrave family. They usually sought to protect humans from vampires, but an incubus was no exception in their eyes. A deal was sealed between a devil, and the current Guardian. Using this to their advantage, Satoshi was banished to a seperate realm. Barriers were also set up, as well as a good amount of his power stolen from him. One where Redgraves and others were usually banished for being a threat to humans.

He was trapped, but soon took over the realm and everyone in it for his own uses. He stayed there for years, having nothing to do but read and pull in women for his own delights. He was content for a time. It wasn't until many years later that his sister could find him. Using her own manipulative gestures, convinced him it was time to free himself and try again. When Satoshi discovered a way he could travel out of his realm without physically leaving it, he learned everything was much different.

The devil that had helped banish him was now a weapon, made by a devil hunter, and placed in the care of a bubbly assassin. The Guardian was long dead, but his daughter and son still lived. From there on Satoshi made plans. Plans to get free first, but he would need certain items in his possession for it. That's when he also learned about a certain jewel.

Mother [Deceased]


Men. Males tend to make him uneasy, and he cannot use his Incubus powers over them.
His little sister
Need for souls
RP Sample:
There he sat. Quiet... alone... still. His cheek rested in the palm of his hand, while the elbow leaned against the arm rest. Satoshi watched those stupid people through his glass. But his attention really rested on quite a few people. One so called human alone, who loved the color red, and the peices wrapped around her delicate fingers. That was step one why he was trapped in this god forsaken place; he needed that weapon. The second was man, with long black hair and red eyes. He needed him to change that weapon back into its original state--a devil. It was his fault afterall, that the devil was now a weapon.

Another was a red headed, green eyed beauty whom(who? xD;) he sought to seek revenge on. It wasn't exactly her fault, however, she was still one of the sole members of the family. The family that helped trap him. Her and her rapist of an uncle. He hissed under his breathe thinking about it. And lastly his eyes fell on a girl, with long black hair and her wolf as the image in his glass changed. She had the power to break barriers, and that's exactly what he needed. Those shards too if he ever wanted to replace his stolen power.

The question was... which one to go after first? He picked up his head as he heard the door open. It was his little hyper ball of a sister. "Brother! Brother! We've finally gotten the materials!" She started, out of breathe, "You can now go after the wolf, or the devil hunter sir!" He smirked. "Well then.... let the games begin."
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PostSubject: Re: Satoshi   Sun Jan 17, 2010 10:31 pm

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