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PostSubject: Aurora   Sat Jan 16, 2010 11:54 am

Aurora is a land of magic. Although of a temperate climate most of the normal-calender year, during the summer months it can get pretty arid in places. The four seasons revolve as normal in this land. The largest holidays celebrated are the Summer/Winter Solstices and the Spring/Fall Equinoxes. All other celebrations are varied depending on the community.

The time period is modern, however not Urban. This is a very suburban and rural territory. And "Green". The people here tend to be very environmental-minded, having a lot of respect for nature. Solar Panels provide sufficient energy for most of the power needs of the residents here.

There are two kinds of Witches: White Witch (Those who use their powers for good and healing), and Black Witches (Those who use their power to cause harm). Witches can be male or female (yes, the males are called witches as well). It usually runs in the family, although not always so. The populace is about 60% normal 40% witches. They are accepted warmly into normal society. Also, all witches have an affinity for one kind of magic. Examples: Sound Witch, Story Witch, Water Witch, Plant Witch, Wind Witch.

Mt Verdoma
This is the spiritual center of Aurora. It's a large mountain in the middle of a small range to the North. The calm and peaceful place always has good weather, no matter the time of year, and many witches come here (both white and black) to re-connect with the world or meditate or study and other such activities. It is a neutral zone, no violence.

Willow Grove
A small grove of willow trees on the low portions of Mt Verdoma. Archa, the Thought Child lives here year-round. She welcomes guests to her humble and quiet home, and loves to tell stories. Anybody with arachnophobia is not recommended to come here, because the Willow Grove is infested with spiders here and there. Normal-sized spiders of many varieties.

3 Sister's Cafe`
Run by Three Inhuman women. Hestia, Nuitari, and Calypso (all NPC). They will cater to any person who enters the cafe, although because of the nature of these women their customers tend to be mostly witches and other inhumans. These women each embody two sins and their personalities no doubt show it. Each has their own special abilities, and the three give psychic readings and such to those that seek them.
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