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 Akuji Darklands

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PostSubject: Akuji Darklands   Sat Jan 09, 2010 9:46 pm

The Akuji Darklands is a decayed land of eternal night. The moon is forever at High, shining light upon it's realm, and frozen Full. It never leaves it's spot in the sky. There is one river which flows through the land, part of the Chelan River which flows in from Wahementou. As a dead lands, it it said to be haunted by the creatures who were mercilessly hunted down and slaughtered there ages ago. The country used to be inhabited by a racial clan of vampiric demon creatures, until they were all slaughtered. It is said that only one survived....but has never been seen. None who enter ever leave alive. Or so the rumors go. The flora and fauna native to this land exist as if time is frozen. The outside temperature is that of a cold chill.

Haemon Wastelands:
Most of the county is comprised of this barren wasteland. Despite having no vegetation of any sort, or life aside from stout rotting stumps of trees, shadowy creatures of wolven form hunt in the persistent fog. No matter where you go, you aren't safe.

Requiem Ravine:
This deep gorge at the Northeastern sector lies just a few miles from the part of Chelan River which flows in a clear cut through the Darklands. Part of it leads through the border as a near-impossible pass into Wahementou. However, the local is controlled by the grandiose thorn forest which overgrows the area. The wind is known to whip through the ravine with the cries of the tormented souls who were slain there.

Crossing of Styx:
At the border of the Akuji Darklands, where Chelan River enters the lands, the water undergoes a magnificent and horrible transformation. Day or Night, it never matters, for like a bridge between life and death the water becomes red as blood. Hence why called the "Crossing of Styx". Named by those in Wahementou, who refer to the Darklands as the "Land of No Return".

Meiriella Castle:
In the center of the wastelands is a large castle carved of black stone. It is said that here lives a creature so dark, and so beautiful, that none could behold her and live to tell about it. The castle itself is protected by shadows which are "alive" in their own right. If you are caught at the hour of 12, without protection....you will be eaten alive to become part of its amassed energies.

Outiside the castle is an old Rose Garden with a broken fountain and a beautiful eternal bloom of black roses. There is also a large graveyard in which the spirirts are said to walk, and underneath is rumored to hold a great treasure.
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Akuji Darklands
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