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PostSubject: Shades   Sun Jan 10, 2010 5:21 pm

World: Ipomea-Alba

Alignment: Chaotic Evil


These are spiritual predators who's main strength lies in the possession of people. It is the only way they become tangible. They possess a person's heart/spirit and through it channel a dark chaos energy that reverts the possessed to an animalistic, violent sub-being. When a person becomes this, they infect others through both biting and scratching, so long as blood is drawn.

When their host dies, the shade doesn't (however those TURNED by a High Shade will simply die). If the Shade is present in an intangible spirit form, the only way to fight it is Holy attributed abilities. When a Shade is freed, it will simply go off to find another host.

Shade - Intangible chaotic creature
High Shade - Being whom is possessed by a Shade, when the host dies the Shade is ejected but still alive and functionable.
Shadow - A creature turned by a High Shade, when it is killed it is completely destroyed
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