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 City of Waldeburg

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PostSubject: City of Waldeburg   Sun Jan 10, 2010 1:55 pm

Waldeburg is a modern-day era city. Yep. Modern real-world city. It is complete with secret organizations, big bad corporates with dastardly closets, assassin corps, rough and tough fighters and even your genetic modifications. Yes indeedly, it is a dangerous place to be. Seasonally it has the usual four (Spring Summer Autumn Winter), and of a Temperate Climate.

Asuka's Apartment:
The home of one of the city’s most talented, and hired assassins. [The other one being her sister, Jun Haruko]. The woman is cold hearted, all around mean, and just about cares for no one--just like her father, Toru. With a few exceptions of course, Zack, Nala, and Hina. With one wrong look or knock on her door and she’ll shoot ya. The place is called around as an apartment, and that’s what it appears and is made out to be. However, if one is to ever make it inside, it’s quite big, due to the ENTIRE building is just hers--while the next building over, is somewhat connected. More than enough living space for three or four people. It even comes complete with her lower floors modeled as a training ground, and gym. The place has now become the home to Asuka’s lover, Zack, and her ‘kid’, Hina.

Blue Rose Gunshop:
Blue Rose Gun Shop is a large place, indeed. The place is run, and owned by Akio “No-last-name”. His only employee at the place is Violet Smith--otherwise known as a typical ghetto chick. Blue Rose is a great place to go to for guns, but the BEST place to go for guns for demons, vampires, and things in those natures. Akio knows just how to fix them, and modify them for specific uses. The frequent customers there are the city’s, or out of town’s, demon hunters, mercenaries, and assassins. It also happens to the be the place, Cerberus the gun was made.

Cat’s Cradle:
A medium sized bar, that is usually packed with people. Though none of these are your average Joes. Most of them are the city’s underground workers. Mercenaries are the most frequent customers here. Middle men, and employers know of the place as well, for they come down to make such deals and get their work done. Lots of the work are in the area of assassinations, body guard duties, babysitting missions, and everything else in the like. The owner is a short, fat, stubby, white man by the name of John.

Black Rose Sinners:
Lovely Ladies, waiting for a bite. Waiting for the customers that only come at night. The best brothel on the block, this whore-house is set up by Vesta Meiriella and Leon Fox. They are two of the most well-known sexual catches out there, and they've come together to run this little piece of heaven business. The women (and men) here are said to be the best. Wink

Jun's Mansion:
Jun Haruko's home of residence where she lives with two very large dogs who don't appreciate it when their master brings home men for the evening. It's a comfortably large home, bought with the money generated from jobs. Jobs that she takes JUST to pay her large bills for her lavish and expensive living.

Leon's Manor:
Located outside the City, this sprawling estate is built and decorated in the classic Gothic architecture and design. He lives here with Kanaria, Christie, Jack, and sometimes Hana Redgrave when she isn't off somewhere else. There are several guest rooms as well a large expanse of yard that includes a bit of woods for seclusion.

Umbrella Corporation:
This will probably sound like a Resident Evil steal/knockoff. It half is. Taken from the original corporation which hit its peak with Raccoon City, after the exposure incident a single man put a bunch of money into the stock market and took the name for his own business use. Although with a lot of negative connotations associated with it, the resources of discovery were massive. Nicholas Kennedy took the name, set up shop in Waldeburg for a NEW Umbrella Corporation, and gave it a front of being a corporation for Technological Innovations in this modern city. Behind the scenes however, they partake in Genetics Research behind closed doors, improving on the old formulas which were obtained from Raccoon City.
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City of Waldeburg
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