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 Mammon's Greed

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PostSubject: Mammon's Greed   Sun Jan 10, 2010 12:02 pm

Mammon is the Demon Lord of Greed. His sector of rule is the Lake of Greed, in Perdition. The basic outline can probably be surmised rather well from Mammon's NPC character page. However there is certainly a lot more to the story. Mammon almost succeeded in his quest to become the supreme deity. And as we all know, driven by greed, he probably would have gone after other deities at that afterwards. The other Demon Lords of the realm realized that they could not let it happen. Each had their own individual motives for wanting him taken down. Asmodeus, for example, just hates Mammon with every fiber of his being (theory suggests a competition for sexual alphamale between the two). Leviathan, although friends with Mammon, was jealous of his growing abilities. Satan, well, was sour that Mammon wouldn't have sex with him and Belphagor just didn't care.

Satan the warmonger, and Asmodeous the Manwhore leader, led the others in their quest to stop Mammon before be became too strong to defeat. Being that Mammon was a greedy Demon, the others worked together using their sins of expertise and tricked the Almost-Deity into defeat. It was the only thing they could do. They separated Mammon's gathered power-ups and divided his essence into four pendants. These are, the Pendant of Knowledge, the Pendent of Beauty, the Pendant of Power, and the Pendant of Immortality. They were scattered about the Mortal Realms and meant to be kept separated. The Demon Lords and their lesser subordinates/helpers were charged with the task of making sure that nobody tried to put the powers together again. However, since that is boring....we know that one of these days somebody will have the ambition to try it.

The Four Pendants:
Mortals who take ownership of these powerful items become stronger than their former selves. They have been bestowed the power status of a demi-deity, longevity and affinity boost and all other generic boosts of whatever the mortal is already good at. However, there is a catch that comes with it: Greed, the All-Consuming. Combining all four of them would make the owner a God(dess).

Pendant of Power:
Currently owned by Kerolos, now a demi-god of Greed. This pendant bestows great strength in both physical and magical abilities.

Pendant of Beauty:
Currently owned by the "Vampire Queen", Alana. This pendant bestows not only an extreme amount of godly beauty...but the power to attract everyone's notice to it. This does NOT mean that every single person falls in love, but it does guarantee a confirmed attraction. Not all attractions are necessarily acted upon unless the right circumstances present itself.

Pendant of Knowledge:
Unknown Whereabouts, May be character-specific claimed through approved profile. This pendant bestows upon the person a vast amount of knowledge. Near omnipotent. Near omnipotent, the one tapping into its power can call upon all information in existence of both the past and the present, spells, information about people, etc. Everything at their mental fingertips. It is said that they may even see into the future. However, the future is ever-changing, and these predictions and visions can easily be misinterpreted.

Pendant of Immortality:
Unknown Wherabout(s), Open for OOC claim through profile evaluation. This pendant, well, is probably self explanatory of it's name. While it is worn, it bestows upon the bearer complete immortality. On the flip side, offensive abilities may take a severe dulling.

Sandman, the God of Dreams, and his Angels that work under him, are also heavily involved in the protection of these pendants. They work in junction with the Demon Lords, often spreading important information. As the Angel of Dreams, Chimera Nightblade is one of Sandman's top 'employees' and holds just as much information as the Demon Lords themselves, and has knowledge of those who are in possession of the pendants when mortals find them.
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Mammon's Greed
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