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 The Law

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PostSubject: The Law   Sat Jan 09, 2010 9:13 pm

Mature acts, this includes all types of graphic scenes whether they be violent or 'romantic', will not be kept away from the sight of the other members. As such, we are not responsible for anything that you write or read on these forums if/when you get caught by your parents or other authority figure. However, if staff finds you RPing a lot of "sex threads" and very little else, you will then be issued standard warnings and perhaps banned. Please tag your thread title with an [M-S] or [M-V] formatted tag when you expect there to be explicit romance or excessive violence taking place. This is to ensure that anyone who does not want to see it, doesn't stumble upon it.

Language is not censored. At all. Let your characters curse to the high heavens if you will. However, outside of character it's hardly necessary.

There will be no tolerance of baiting, flaming, harassing, impersonating, etc etc etc.

The Powers That Be:
Powerplaying, godmodding, mary/gary sues, all-powerfuls, and the like, won't be tolerated either.

They are allowed, but will be RARE, and highly not recommended to make. As well, all MUST BE MORTAL DEITIES, and rule over only ONE area.

Don't place uber-large images in your signatures, we don't want to be scrolling forever looking for the next post. If it is too big, a staff will PM you to please decrease the size.

Follow the template provided when making a character. ONLY ORIGINAL CHARACTERS will be accepted. When using a pic for appearance, no nudity/etc is allowed. See also: "Powers That Be", "Deities", and "Multiples".

You are allowed to post in more than one place at once, and liquid timelines are ok so long as you can keep track of them all. Do not RP until your character is approved, although feel free to post in the OOC boards. When going out of character in a post, please mark it with some form of OOC tags, and write all posts in third-person past-tense narrative.

When moving to a new location, please make a notice of it with OOC tags at the bottom of your last post. IE: ((OOC- next post in Hellraiser)) You MUST create a new thread when moving to a new location.

Open/Closed Threads:
Unless marked with a tag that says [closed], [invite], etc, assume it to be an open thread. Just make sure you read what is going on before you jump in. Example, a couple who is inside somebody's home, are not going to react to a person talking about walking down the street nearby.

Multiple characters per account is acceptable. Just make sure they don't collect dust, or they might end up being set up for deletion.

You will be issued 3 warnings. Then you will be banned for 1 week. Upon your return, if it happens a second time, you will be banned for 2 weeks. If this happens a third time, you will be permabanned.
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The Law
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